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The City of London, our client solutions hub for over forty years


We provide risk aware hirers with low-cost resourcing support that saves money and reduces workload. These are practical risk control solutions that work; proven by the success of our popular "hiring direct temps" offering.


With this, we protect hirers and temps from creating employment relationships - a risk when they contract direct. To 

avert that risk we contract with the temps instead, because....... "without a direct contract, there is no relationship".


Using direct temps, you save on agency margins, temp to perm fees and, by routing them via Steve Mills as agency workers; you’re exempt from costly “direct hire” contract terms. Savings are notable and conserve hiring budgets, a real competitive advantage when you're vying for higher paid temps or specialist contractors.


You also regain valuable HR time and payroll workload is significantly reduced. It’s a scalable solution with “straight to the bottom line” impact; offering repeat savings and reduced total hiring spend. 


You can de-risk your temp hiring for less than six pounds a day, including full screening, payroll, funding, HMRC returns, compliant Contracts, holiday pay management, and Professional Indemnity insurance. Simply, call us now to benefit.


"....makes perfect sense. The service is invaluable to us!" Rachel White, HR Assistant Manager - Recruitment


This low-cost solution works for all PAYE or Ltd. Co. temps and Fixed-Term contractors. Payroll set-up and temp worker screening is free of charge, compliant and quick; enabling temps to start work when you want.


We pay the workers and invoice you for their payroll costs, plus a nominal, all-inclusive service fee (see next page).


An affordable, safety-net? Yes, definitely - it's probably the best value risk insurance in the City!


For full details, refer to our "hiring solutions" page and call Steve Mills Associates now on 020 7588 8800

Time is money.........why risk losing both on Employment Tribunal claims?


Save time and money with a low-risk solution for hiring "direct temps"

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