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The recruitment landscape


Work demands 70% of your waking hours so the rewards must offer both financial security and personal fulfilment.

Choosing the right, well-paid career with motivating challenges, realisable goals and personal recognition is achievable with the right strategy.


Job search is daunting and there's no substitute for astute research, planning and preparation. Hirers now use multiple options to attract talent and job seekers must revise their search tactics and explore all the connection channels available, both traditional and digital, especially the "social media" - the most visited sites on the internet.


Recruitment agents are still effective but pro-active job seekers must also exploit career portals, job boards, SNSs,

talent banks, and business networks to ensure full job market coverage. Expert guidance, at this time, can prove invaluable and is often the defining success factor.


For thirty five years we've prepared candidates for job change; from career reviews and planning, CV rewrites, interview coaching to salary negotiation. We offer tailored advice, having first gained a clear picture of your skill strengths and

career aspirations. Candidates find this personalised approach better prepares them for the job search campaign.


"Steve has, over the years continually gone the "extra mile" whilst maintaining an excellent level of professionalism and integrity over and above the core recruitment service. His knowledge of the recruitment process is second to none and I would use his company again" Danny Eagle, Business Analyst


We advise on attraction factors and job market appeal, enabling you to win more qualified interviews and hopefully,

the ideal new role. We aim to inform, bring clarity and practical advice for the new recruitment arena. It works too, evidenced by our proven track-record spanning five decades in the City of London. 


Our goal is helping you find the right role in the right company and our wide-ranging support includes; 

  • one to one meetings to fully appreciate your career plans

  • objective CV review, content and style opinion and rewrites

  • salary benchmarking and guidance on achievable salaries

  • job market updates and trends, candidate attraction options

  • coaching on current interview and selection techniques

  • constructive advice on maximising your marketability

  • pre-interview briefing on roles and hirer's corporate culture 

  • prompt feedback to/from stakeholders in the hiring exercise

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