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Onboarding support

First impressions and a positive onboarding experience are important for both the worker and client. The hiring process is challenging and costly so Day One needs to be memorable; it's the chequered flag of a successful recruitment drive!


Onboarding takes time, so we manage "pre-onboarding" tasks to ensure target start dates are met. It's evident that good onboarding improves productivity, team integration and staff retention rates. Our support tasks include:



  • meeting new starts on a "welcome by proxy" basis

  • resolving queries or prompt escalation to HR 

  • checking pre-start tasks i.e. starter materials

  • checking ID documents, P45's, bank account details 

  • distributing client material including press-releases, brochures, staff handbooks, Quick Reference Guides.

  • H&S, Code of Conduct, Data Security, Confidentiality

  • Financial Affairs Compliance packs - obtaining worker’s signatures as proof of receipt

  • co-ordinating new starter orientation surveys and collating feedback for analysis.

  • temp work starter checks i.e. screening, payroll data

  • project dates, charge rates, timesheets, cost codes

  • Contracts, Project Schedules, Assignment Detail Forms

promoting a sense of belonging from Day One....


Outplacement support


"Involuntary termination, severance, retrenchment, employee separation, exit transition, corporate uncoupling", too many contrived and superfluous labels concocted by people in work, not out of it!


Redundancy is a casualty of change. Whether it's recession, trading downturn, acquisition, outsourcing or technology, the result is the job no longer exists. Critically, it’s the job that is made redundant and not the worker!

The skilled worker with long experience is still valuable and will, like the majority of people who’ve been in the same position, find a new, challenging role. 


In the interim, however, redundancy is an emotive, sensitive issue requiring professional and compliant planning. The worker feels displaced and must be supported with care and understanding. Most ex-employees are off payroll longer than actually employed; that's a long time to recount their leaving experience widely! A smooth departure also

reassures remaining workers and potential new recruits, less aware of a firm's good reputation. 


Good outplacement benefits both parties, helping the worker secure a new job quickly and enhancing the employer's reputation for commitment to its workforce. It promotes consensus and reduces the risk of legal action. Commenting on the value of outplacement, Kevin Palmer, Partner at Birketts Solicitors, a top 100 UK law firm says, 


"Tribunals are reduced by 72% amongst organisations investing in such services"


Outplacement must be flexible and offer support across the wide spectrum of needs.  Many workers are redundancy veterans, primed to deal with job search or career change. They mainly want practical help with CV's, job market updates and advice on current search techniques.


For others, redundancy is a first time shock and they feel angry or discriminated against; needing help with those emotions prior to facing the job search ahead. Consequently, before working together, we find an informal, obligation free meeting is helpful.

In discussion, we can explore the outplacement support available and select options to suit. Our advice can cover; 

  • Redundancy review, emotional, family, work impacts

  • Exit policies, due legal process, severance terms

  • Settlement agreements, getting legal opinion

  • Reflection and perspective, change, closure

  • Career assets, key skills, experience, USP's

  • Career options, transferable skills, retraining

  • Work status options – salaried or consulting?

  • Market updates, growth sectors, futureproof roles

  • Key decisions - job or career, permanent or projects

  • Practical job search, timeframes, contingency plans

  • CV's & cover letters, applications, reviews, rewrites

  • Target market, apply direct, talent banks, agencies

  • An on-line presence, social media, networking

  • Interview preparation, techniques, closing tips

  • Managing hirer and agency expectations

  • Salary and benefits negotiations, job offers

  • Onboarding, Day One preparation, acclimatising 

  • Moving forward, career planning, CPD

just one letter changes fired to hired - we'll help you write it!


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