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Hiring Direct Temps – the risk & reward facts


Hiring temps and fixed-term workers directly saves agency margins and adds skills to the business, without raising

full time headcount. Should you then make a temp to perm offer you also save around £7,000* in Agency Introduction Fees.                                                                                                                                                                (*based on a £35,000 salary)


However, hiring temps directly creates a reciprocal relationship with mutual obligations and the risk of costly litigation if a worker’s rights are breached. Notably, the risk of breaching those rights is much reduced if there is no direct contract.


“Considerable time and money is spent by businesses defending themselves in claims launched by employees with drawn out workplace disputes that reach tribunals and this can have a crippling financial effect on both businesses and workers"                                                                                                                                                  (Emma Burns, Partner, Head of Employment Law at Hugh James Solicitors – Dec 2013)


Routing temps via Steve Mills offers the savings of direct hiring but avoids the risks, as we assume the contract and payroll obligations to the worker. You're also shielded from expensive "direct hire" contract terms which do not apply to agency assignments such as minimum notice, unfair dismissal, redundancy, occupational maternity and sick pay, maternity and paternity leave, company pension, flexible working, life cover, PHI and PRP. 


De-risking is the keynote with the bonus of reducing hiring time and total spend - high value benefits the City has relied on us to deliver consistently, for thirty five years.


Simply call 020 7588 8800 or email us and we will contact the worker, arrange payroll registration and complete the essential vetting and compliance checks.


We're renowned for first-rate service and offer expert workplace advice to each client and worker, ensuring;




















Service Fees for payroll and contractor payments

Monthly PAYE temporary worker - £125 per month (effective £5.77 per day)

Weekly PAYE temporary worker - £50 pw (no fees in paid holiday weeks)

Ltd. Co. Contractor from £50 per week  - capped @ 2.5% of day rate

  •    all pre-employment screening is compliant, accurate and completed quickly

  •    temps are paid weekly with secure pay advices sent by post or email

  •    statutory entitlements including holiday pay are remitted promptly

  •    Tax rebates, code changes, P45’s & P60’s are effected in the current week

  •    Ltd. Co. contractors are safeguarded by an HMRC IR35 compliant Agreement

  •    time records, authorisations and cost codes are processed accurately

  •    consolidated invoices, spend analysis and key hiring metrics are available

  •    Client/worker queries are resolved quickly by us, our accountants or lawyers

there is NO charge for temporary to permanent transfers


call now to avoid the risks of hiring temps directly!


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