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Primed talent supply


It's a familiar City problem - you need skilled people with empathy for the firm's culture but you're too busy to sift and respond to volumes of direct CV's. And, if the qualities you need are lacking, you'll waste even more valuable time.


We look to save you time, not waste it - so we only offer candidates who meet your criteria and are keen to interview. 


We meet every candidate we recommend, verify their skills and experience, and brief them fully. We clarify the role,

the company's goals and its ethos, so they're primed for a positive meeting and hopefully, an easier hiring decision.


You will find our response is quick but well-judged and if we can't help at the time, we'll tell you promptly.


We source and supply skilled workers for the financial markets sector including investment banking, investment management and global custody. Attracting talent from many sources, we screen them by in-depth interview for a precise match with client needs, whether permanent, fixed term or temporary. 


If required, we can arrange the full suite of psychometric tests to support your hiring decisions. With discretion, we

can also approach "in-demand" workers nominated by you in target companies.


After 35 years recruiting, we know that good recruitment is a transparent and shared enterprise. Our skill is incisive analysis of each party's needs, enabling informed, engaged interviews with successful outcomes.


Fees, inclusive of sourcing costs are PSL aligned and our fee rebate scheme is the best in the City - scaled fee refunds apply up to a full year's service! It's a real City "first" and predictably, we've been asked "how can you do that?"

Actually, it's not a mystery. As you know, requests for fee refunds are rare with first-rate recruiters!


Talent bank support


With so many channels in use for attracting candidates, hirers retain surplus talent, knowing that a well-managed

talent community is a real future asset to the business.


It may be a pool of generic applicants that can be moved into the pipeline as needed or a talent bank of engaged candidates that have already been assessed. Either way, the community is a rich, "primed" source of potential employees that can be appointed quickly at minimum additional cost.


To maintain its worth, the talent stock needs to be reviewed regularly to identify the best skillsets and attraction sources. Reviews are recommended quarterly to maintain candidate interest, supported by keep in touch emails, careers newsletters and brand impact reinforcements. 


This is time consuming for busy HR teams and costly, so we undertake the maintenance tasks to safeguard the community’s value and ensure the talent’s on-going interest. We keep a watching brief on the talent bank, sift new referrals or expressions of interest, send acknowledgements and/or rejections and update the resume vault.

We send out HR communications, assess and screen candidates and schedule meetings.


We can also "payroll" workers if temping, paid internship or work experience is favoured by the client.


Call us now on 020 7588 8800 for help with your hiring needs - it's all we do.

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