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Hiring direct Ltd. Company Contractors - 26 key tasks from just ten pounds a day!


Contractor registration is comprehensive to ensure compliance with numerous rules, notably HMRC IR35 and the new False Self-Employment Regulations in the 2014 Finance Act. Our IR35 "friendly" contract has been tested and proven robust, giving reassurance to both contractors and clients. This trusted solution safeguards the "independent" status of the contractor and reduces the mutual risks of contracting direct (refer Contractors & IR35 in "career advice & links").


We comply with all the regulations and mitigate the end user's risk by managing the following essential tasks:   


  1. take client instructions and meet contractors promptly

  2. resolve contractor queries - IR35, VAT, PSC's, Umbrella's

  3. brief contractors on BACS, gross payments, expenses

  4. arrange contractor registration and Contract for Services

  5. Statutory checks - Passport, Visas, proof of address

  6. obtain five years references for work, education, training

  7. UK Credit status checks with Equifax on-line if requested

  8. Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) checks if requested

  9. verify Ltd. Co. trading status and bank account details

  10. instruct accounts to load invoice data onto pay systems

  11. assignment induction, client policies, H&S, compliance

  12. check time records, upload data to payment system

  13. weekly/monthly BACS payments to suit contractors

14.  ensure quick resolution of queries by accountants

15.  check invoices, time records, cost codes, authorisations

16.  update worker database, cost code analysis, statistics

17.  financial reporting, analysis, key worker use metrics

18.  relaying feedback from contractors to HR/managers

19.  conduct HR and line manager satisfaction surveys

20.  monitor Project spend with analysis and statistics

21.  check Ltd. Co. status at Companies House & EU VAT Unit

22.  obtain Certificate of Incorporation, VAT 4 Certificates

23.  check insurance policies, obtain Accountant's Letters

24.  manage end of project exit, leaver confirms, references

25.  confirm contractor status/day rate for mortgages/loans

26.  provide consolidated client invoice with cost codes

reliable, low-cost risk control......and peace of mind

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